Single Origin Etiopia - Sidama 500 gr

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We recommend it to those who love:

  • citrus hints (lemon, bergamot)
  • a certain acidity, especially in the espresso or moka
  • "fresh" coffees

It is the most "difficult" coffee we offer. The second is Kenya Ndaroini, the third Brazil Daterra.


When it comes to coffee, we must speak of Ethiopia where, legend tells, in the year 850 AD the shepherd Khalid discovered the properties of the seeds of the Coffea arabica plant.

In Ethiopian culture, plants still play a fundamental role in both medicine, religion and social practices.

Sustainable production and trade

Coffee plants are grown only from local families. Each of the 667 families looks after 1-2 hectares, cultivating, together with coffee, also legumes and "false banana trees" (ensete) - a staple food in Ethiopia - which create the necessary shade for the delicate coffee plant.

The coffee is harvested, "obviously" by hand: it is the only way to ensure that only perfectly ripe cherries are used.

The cherries are sent to the processing station where they are placed on straw beds, in the sun, where, as they dry, they pass part of the aroma and sugars to the beans.


The coffee is made up of local varieties, such as: Setami, Mikicho, 72/158, 74/110, all grown in the high mountains: between 1850 and 2100 meters above sea level. It is a coffee of moderate (but very present) acidity, with the characteristic floral notes. Plus you will find some raspberry and milk chocolate.