Single Origin Coffee Brazil - Daterra

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For those who love:

  • espresso and moka (not suitable for the filter)
  • a sweet coffee, with caramel notes, but full-bodied (chocolate, walnut)

It is certainly the coffee, among those of Café 124, with more body and less acidity. But you will still be surprised by an aftertaste so pleasant that ... do not make the most avid smokers light the cigarette!

For those who want richer grains aromatically (and more acidic in the cup) you will get our Ethiopia, while for the middle way, both in the filter and in the cup, both our Peru Sara and Faustino


The coffee we offer is produced by Daterra, a family company that in 1980 bet on the reintroduction of cerrado (the Brazilian savannah), in an area previously used as pasture - an activity responsible, in Brazil, for the destruction of the original ecosystem .



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